“Greenbit is an industry leading contributor to the green shift through replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels for the existing combustion-based infrastructure and vehicle fleet”


Fit for 55 refers to the EU’s target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030​.
The proposed package aims to bring EU legislation in line with the 2030 goal.

The majority of cars, and the absolute majority of heavy-duty trucks and construction vehicles run on combustion engines.  In order to achieve environmental impact now, the existing infrastructure and vehicle fleet must be used. This involves replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels today

Greenbit’s sustainability work is integrated into the organization and continuous work is carried out to maintain and improve the company’s performance.

Greenbit’s overarching ambition is to become completely fossil-free by 2030. Although Greenbit want to expand its service-coverage by establishing new fuel stations, Greenbit will not allow this to increase the absolute amount of fossil-fuels the group make available in the market.

Greenbit’s core product is HVO100 – a renewable biodiesel and the only fuel classified as green by the Swedish Energy Agency. Unlike fossil diesel, HVO100 is based on hydrogen-treated vegetable fats, mainly from residues – By driving sales of HVO100, Greenbit wants to create a fossil-free fuel industry.

All our own transportation is fueled by HVO100. This applies to both trucks and company cars.

  • Greenbit was established with the goal to move towards only delivering fossil-free fuels to the market, contributing to converting fossil to fossil-free energy in the transportation sector.
  • Currently, Greenbit’s operations include the sale of both fossil and certified fossil free fuels, based on renewable biomass.
  • Greenbit’s environmental policy lays the foundation for work that includes the customers and employees as well as suppliers and contractors.
  •  Greenbit delivers energy that produces less greenhouse gas emissions and reduces air pollution, diversifying the global energy supply and reducing dependency on fossil fuel (and under the brand name Eco-1, the company was, and continues to be, a pioneer in the work of reducing C02 emissions through the distribution of renewable products).
  • Greenbit’s core product is HVO100 a renewable, fossil-free biodiesel based on hydrogen-treated vegetable fats and the market’s most environmentally responsible fuel.
  • By driving sales of HVO100, Greenbit will contribute to create a fossil-free fuel industry.
  • The fuels distributed by Eco-1 are manufactured using waste, frying oil and wood, all certified to ensure traceability and transparency of climate impacts to avoid negatively impacting food production or the rainforest.
  • Greenbit’s subsidiary Eco-1 received the «Miljøfyrtårn» certification in July 2021