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“By producing and selling renewable liquid fuels, Greenbit will drive the development of sustainable fuels with its own process from production to sold product. “

Renewable fuels

Greenbit is in the starting blocks for producing its own renewable fuel but is already today contributing to the change. Greenbit offers renewable fuels to both B2B and B2C customers in Sweden and Norway.  All at the highest environmental class.

The terms ”renewable fuels” and ”biofuels” refer to fuels produced from renewable raw materials and not from fossil raw materials.

What is ”renewable fuels”?

High-quality renewable diesel (also known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil or HVO) and traditional biodiesel (also known as Fatty Acid Methyl Ester or FAME) are often confused. They are, however, different products, even though both are made from organic biomasses. The differences can be found, for example, in their production process, cleanliness, and quality.

Premium-quality HVO is made primarily from waste and residues. In the production process, impurities are removed from the raw materials which are then hydrotreated at a high temperature. The outcome is a colorless and odorless fuel of an even quality that has an identical chemical composition with fossil diesel. It is also often called an ”advanced biofuel” or ”second-generation biofuel”.  

Even though both bio-based fuels help in replacing fossil fuels with renewables and thereby reduce global climate emissions, only renewable diesel can be used in high concentrations and even as a standalone product in all diesel engines.